The chemical industry is concerned with the manufacture of chemical products and provides the feedstock for many other branches of industry. The chemical industry is notable for its high degree of automation, adding substantial value to the processed raw material, very expensive research and complex processing technology. Inflammable and explosive gases and liquids are created when processing chemicals or converting one substance to another in the chemical industry. Therefore only ATEX-approved components are used.

Cable glands in particular are crucial for operational safety and reliability in these Ex areas, because they ensure that electrical sparks cannot come into contact with potentially explosive atmospheres and initiate explosions. Cable glands are found in all locations where cables need to be fed safely into control, distribution or switchgear cabinets.

With LevelEx, PFLITSCH raises the aspect of safety and sealing performance for explosion-protected areas to the next “level”. The new Ex cable gland scores highly with its compact design, fewer and non-detachable parts and a wide range of applications in the automated processes of the chemical industry. These compact cable glands save space and can be simply, safely and reliably installed into system components for the areas “Ex-d” and “Ex-e”.