Special vehicles

Whether it is ocean-going tankers, always on-call fire and rescue services vehicles or road tankers delivering heating oil – safety and reliability have the highest priority in the construction of special vehicles. Pumps, valves, fans, controls and other modules need to be safely cabled, so that the vehicle components function perfectly in frosty, hot, dry or moist conditions and when subject to vibration.

This applies particularly to special vehicles that have to work in potentially explosive atmospheres. As well as the highest sealing performance, reliability, corrosion protection, vibration resistance and durability, these applications also require products approved in accordance with the current ATEX directive. Therefore only ATEX-approved components are used in the construction of special vehicles.

Cable glands play a crucial role for operational safety and reliability in Ex areas, because they ensure that electrical sparks cannot come into contact with the surrounding potentially explosive atmosphere and initiate explosions. LevelEx from PFLITSCH achieves protection types IP 66 or IP 68 and complies with the requirements for explosion protection types pressure-tight encapsulation “Ex-d” and increased safety “Ex-e”.

Compact design, ease of installation and durability are particularly advantageous in the construction of vehicles. LevelEx achieves the next “level” with respect to these attributes, because this Ex cable gland excels with its compact design, reduced number of parts and a wide range of applications in the construction of vehicles used on land, in the air or on water.